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Siemens & Allen Bradley Natural Language Programming

Natural Language is a patented Logic Editor that allows you to define the logic of operation in human language — simple and accurate definitions that anyone can understand.

No more miscommunication with customers or process engineers.
No more ambiguous definitions.​​

Software Design Process

The Classical Way

  • Design – on a piece of paper

  • Coding – implementing the design

In WonderLogix Studio

  • Design components (objects)

  • Play with them to define the hierarchy

  • “Coding” = interface + logic

  • Generate the code automatically


  1. Improve usability

  2. Provide a code generator to another PLC brand.

  3. Provide predefined components – for easy start.

  4. Develop new features (emulation, basic HMI, physical simulation, improved arrays, batch processes)

  5. We aim at process engineers and people who are not necessarily expert PLC programmers.

  6. Those of them who are not afraid of learning some control, receive a tool that helps them take control over their process and become independent.

  7. The idea is to make PLC programming easier, while increasing the total safety level!


WonderLogix has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreements No. 744068 and 822620

Object-Oriented Design Make the design process simpler by creating a hierarchical structure of components, building them one at a time.

  • Easily create classes.

  • Export any component and reuse it in other projects.

  • Logic verification: Stay safe with automatic logic verification to ensure that your control system is complete and accurate.

  • Monitoring: Connect to the PLC and bring your model to life.

  • Commission faster, recover faster from shutdowns and enable the operators to understand not only what is happening, but also why.

  • State Machines: Graphically create unlimited state machines to achieve clarity and flexibility.

  • Dynamic Lists: Get the data you need, always updated.

  • Create lists such as I/O, Alarms, Motors, and Parameters.

Model Design

  1. Use the "Verify model logic" tool of WonderLogix to check all possible error.

  2. Integral emulator for WonderLogix model.

  3. Variable change and IO values toggling will then be possible live

  4. Generate the AB Studio Logix 5000 code or Siemens TIA Portal.

  5. Download the generated code to a PLC and go online.



  1. Breaks down complexity.

  2. Makes reuse easy and safe.

  3. Makes the design clear and flexible.


  1. Anyone can understand

  2. High level.

  3. What you say is what you get.


  1. Concentrating on the problem.

  2. Preventing damage to other parts.

  3. The ability for reuse.

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