Digitization is a conversion of analog

information to digital

Digitization is a conversion of analog information in any form (text, drawing, photographs, voice, etc.) to digital form with suitable computer technologies and electronic devices (such as a scanner or specialized computer chips) so that the information can be processed, stored, and transmitted through digital circuits, equipment, and networks.

Digitization is a very necessary thing if you are planning a long work with the drawings.

If you need to work on the paper drawing, you risk losing the original.

Another option you have the electronic drawing and you want to edit it. In this case, the difficulty can cause the file format.

Our extensive experience with engineering design software allows us to digitize existing paper drawings of any complexity to DWG or other editable formats in the shortest possible term.

 If you need to transfer the old paper into the electronic form, Contact us! All the documentation will be executed in compliance with international standards.

The fully and correctly made digitization gives our clients the following benefits:

  • Producing Documentation in Standard.

  • Smart PDF production.

  • Saving drawings electronically in DWG or other editable formats.

  • Proper and effective management of documentation.

  • Revision Management, Implementation and Change Management.

  • Shortening Downtime

  • Saving paper and printing

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