Design of SCADA and HMI Applications, Developing and Improving

We offer our customized services for SCADA software and data acquisition.
Our customized services help integrate the existing system with a new system.
Capitalizing on our industrial experience of developing SCADA applications for various platforms, we are able to meet client specifications.

Access to information about what is going on in your facility is extremely valuable to the efficiency and growth of your operation.
We provide you with the appropriate HMI or SCADA,
depending on what data you need to access and how you need to use that data.

Various Features

  •     Report generation of the plant productivity along with the database storage

  •     Product tracking along with the database storage

  •     Application along with integration with PLC

  •     Complete data acquisition of plant details


  • WinCC


  • Beckhoff TE2000

  • ControlMaestro (Wizcon)

  • Vijeo Designer, Vijeo Citect

  • Afcon Pulse

  • Wonderware inTouch

  • Ignition

  • FactoryTalk View

Variety of other possible SCADA, HMI let it be our challenge.

What is SCADA, HMI?


Alongside the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) installed position control and indicator called HMI (Human Machine Interface), this position is integrated into the control system and is an integral part of it.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) is a system that enables communication between the process and the person running it and use it, this system allows a person to operate the process, supervise its operation, monitor changes occurring in it, And control the produce obtained from it.

Human Machine Interface systems are varied and numerous, they float all the command and control processes.
There are human machine interface systems, which are based on a personal computer (PC) and software (HMI)

There are human machine interface systems further include:
The local control panel is installed adjacent to the industrial process, local HMI monitor or computer operating panel (Operator Display Panel).


Extensive technological development occurred in the computer world in recent decades and reflected the miniaturization of computers led to greater use of computers in all fields, including industry.

This development led to the development of systems for data collection and monitoring the processes, based on personal computers and is operated by the appropriate HMI software.

These systems are also called full name SCADA systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) or command and control systems. The term SCADA refers to many systems used to control, monitoring and data collection, and are in many cases critical national infrastructures, such as the IEC, sources of gas, fuel, and communications.

These systems send data controllers scattered on the ground, to and from the control center to systems implementation.