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Who this meant for:

  • All personnel involved in calculation, design, selection, manufacturing, safety, quality and maintenance of systems and equipment in industrial processes.

  • Plant Operators and engineers in the Process and Power Plant Industries as well as Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants.

  • Process control engineers & technicians.

  • Instrumentation engineers & technicians.

  • Design engineers & technicians.

  • Piping engineers & technicians.

  • Construction workers such as pipe fitters and plumbers.

  • Maintenance engineers & technicians.

  • Mechanics.

  • People who work with safety systems.

  • Instructional designers and those involved in writing manuals and operational procedures.

  • Security, Safety and Environment Officers (SSHE).

  • Anyone else with an interest in how P&IDs should be created, maintained and used in assessing emergency situations and regulatory compliance issues.