Instrumentation and Control Automation,

Consulting Services.

We are specialized in Control And Instrumentation,

Process Control, I&C Design, Supervision, and Maintenance,

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition,

Human Machine Interfaces.

We provide innovative technologies and producing efficient systems by smart advanced designing,

using most featured applications,

Designing custom systems to meet the needs of individual clients.

Our Services




Programming of PLC (PAC)

Programmable Logic (Automation) Controller (PLC, PAC)

With us you’re not tied to using any one vendor, We design, program, and implement complete, customization automation

Supervision and Maintenance

We will be on-site to work with you and your engineers to install your new system,
and stay on-site as needed after startup to test the processes, ensuring that the system is integrated fully and running smoothly.


Design of process automation, Control loops diagram

Control panel, junction box.

Field wiring.

Cable list, Instrument index, I/O assignment index.




Instrumentation and control automation systems, instruments, integration, developing, designing

Implementing systems of engineering projects related automation, industrial control and processes, building management system

SCADA and HMI Programming

Access to information about what is going on in your facility is extremely valuable to the efficiency and growth of your operation.


Natural Language Logic Editor that allows you to define the logic of operation in human language.

Designed for Siemens and Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)


Digitization is a conversion of analog information in any form (text, drawing) to digital form with suitable computer technologies




Industrial plant use requires consideration of the environment in which the equipment must operate. equipment must tolerate a wider range of temperature, vibration, and electrical noise than equipment installed in dedicated information-technology areas.


 Our Story

Estrin Automation founded in Israel in 2007 by Felix Estrin
as an Instrumentation and control engineer.

The mission was to provide quality, cost-effective engineering services. 

Now we continue to fulfill this mission together by a family business, focusing on the right solution for our customers - We are proud to remain agile, flexible, and customer-focused.
We believe in the long term, mutually beneficial partnerships with select companies' most well regarded and innovative controls engineering firms.
This field is full of challenges that make you acquire new abilities day by day.
You are welcome to contact us for any consultation.

Meet The Team

Felix Estrin

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Grisha Estrin

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Stas  Estrin

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  • 30 +

    Satisfied customers

    We partner with our customers to deliver the most innovative solutions for after-sales service.

    Our customers trust us to solve even the most complex engineering challenges,

    as we continually evolve and scale to meet each customer’s unique needs.


    We’re honored to work with top brands to not only drive revenue and profit improvements but also enhance the customer experience.

  • 50 +

    completed projects

    We’ve had the privilege of supporting dozens of projects of professionals across an array of industries.

    We don’t think of our customers just as “customers.”

    Instead, we become an extension feature of your team, working with you long-term to build programs that include strategy, custom content creation, training, and engagement best practices that set you on a course for lasting success.

  • 10 +

    remote supported services

    ​ Bring order to your processes so you can have a bigger impact.

    Standardize your processes to eliminate inefficiencies.

    See what’s going on in your processes and fix problems as they go.

    Automate and run your processes with diagnostic information.


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Practice Areas:

  • Hemp Industry, Pharmacy Cannabis

  • Chemical Industry

  • Energy Optimization

  • Turnkey Project

  • Industrial Communication

  • Explosion Proof

  • Wiring Design

  • Machine Automation

  • Automation Engineering

  • Technical Consulting

  • Digitization

  • Commissioning

  • Project Engineering

  • Process Control

  • Building Management System

  • Inspection

  • Power Plants

  • Control System Design

  • Oil Gas & Petro

  • Food Industry

  • Water and Environment

  • Industrial Communication Protocols

  • Design Communications Loop

  • Industrial Automation


  • P&ID, Instrument Specification & Calculation

  • I/O Assignment Index

  • Control Panel Design

  • Supervision And Maintenance

  • Industry 4.0

  • Control Automation

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